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TOW 13

  1.   Read other student blogs
  2. Have another student read your blog
  3. Have checkpoint dates for deadlines in your calendar
  4. Communicate with your professor about deadlines
  5. Show your personality in your writing
  6. Become a better proofreader
  7. Have fun!
  8. Don’t feel overwhelmed
  9. Take it one bite at a time
  10. Turn in assignments early!

I had never written a blog post before I took Professor Nixon three semesters ago.  Actually, I had hardly even read a blog post.  At that time I wouldn’t have known it was a blog post if it was right in front of me.  But now, I can appreciate blogs a little more – actually, a lot more.  I wish I had taken the time to get a theme that appeared to match my personality a bit more.  But the theme I initially chose three semesters ago ended up being what I stuck with these past three semester for blogs.  Once you find a theme that works well for you, why change it?

Sometimes, you may want to jot down blog ideas while you’re off campus.  I usually think of interesting things when I get in new surroundings.  I can use my iPhone, but a note pad would work just fine.

Next, try to say something worth while when you’re trying to meet a word count.  Every class seems to have a project that must be a certain number of words.  I know, it feels contradictory to require a certain amount when you think you can be effective and precise with half the amount, but the number can serve as a way for you to stretch your mind to new levels.  At least, that’s one way I think it’s helped me.  I’ve fought with many a word count requirement in my day.  You may think I’m doing it right now, but I’m actually not…(promise).


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This is a step up from my fisher price slide that ended up lodged in a roof from a tornado I survived at seven years old.  Good times.

This is awesome.

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I think many girls imagine their dream closet at one point or another.  I am no different in this case.  Check out this amazing closet via Patti Schou on Pinterest.

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What do you think?  Should I get a pair?  If you have a pair, do you like them?

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Many of us probably have a few extra large sweatshirts lying dormant in our closets, collecting dusk and making the hall of fame for least used, most unattractive wardrobe item (though admittedly comfortable!).  But there is hope for such a sweatshirt.  Check out this blog to find out how to turn an extra large sweatshirt into a cute cardigan.

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Need ideas for party planning?  Can’t seem to find pictures of what you’re imagining for your wedding? Check out Pinterest.com.  Members of this website have digital pin boards and post pictures to the boards according to customized categories.  For example, I have a “Foodie” category where I pin pictures of delicious and savory treats.  The newest pin I added was a picture of Carrot Cake Waffles (yum!).  Check out how to make this picture your reality here.

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TOW 12

I covered a private event; a Twilight marathon.  Because Breaking Dawn will come out soon in theaters, I felt doing this would be a fun way to connect with some friends while home for the weekend.

5 Tips for CoverItLive:

1. Try to find a local event.

2. If there are no local events going on, cover a live event on television.

3. Don’t procrastinate.

4. Include media if you can (make sure your friends are ok with their pictures being posted on your blog).

5. Search the CoverItLive site for helpful tips when using the software.

Twilight Marathon” CoverItLive story.

Yes, I have a friend who previously refused to watch Twilight. Guess what? They’re watching it. now. I win.
We’re watching New Moon, by the way. I had them watch the first installment of the series a while back. Yes, this is meant to be comical.
This seems to be valid preparation for the Breaking Dawn premiere.
Dessert is served.
Raffles always seem to be a good idea at a party.
And now, Eclipse!

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