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A podcast is a way to educate others on the topic of your choice.  If your organization deals with public relations, you might create a podcast that addresses topics relevant to PR professionals.  Your topics could range from what to wear to your next job interview, to the techie lingo used for Facebook and Twitter.  Either way, what you put out there for people to hear needs to be pertinent and useful.

PR majors would benefit quite a bit from listening to PR related podcasts.  It gives you a chance to have an inside look at how the PR world operates.  It also gives you the chance to listen to mainstream players in the PR world.  What a great opportunity!  Can you listen to such podcasts for free?  Why, yes you can.  Talk about a priceless tool.  When I listened to a PR podcast for this class, it was pretty interesting.  I liked that I could learn from teaching of professionals at absolutely no charge.  It’s almost too good to be true.  Actually, my professor was mentioned during the podcast because it’s a requirement for our course.  I admit, one of my favorite aspects of the podcast was the foreign accents.  English accents get me every time.

Podcasts  are a part of generating a reputation and image for your company.  If you think your company has something relevant to say about given topics, podcast it.  You can subscribe to podcasts instead of just searching the name and downloading a few here and there.  For some, this is the better option, especially if you have a favorite that you don’t want to miss.  I think most of all, a podcast creates the opportunity for having a conversation with clients or the general public.  What is covered isn’t just straight-jacket jargon.  People use examples from their own life when relating core concepts.

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