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I admit I had absolutely no idea what Foursquare was until I started researching for this post!  I’ve always been weary about giving my location to any app or website.  But I’ll touch more on that later.


Foursquare is a tool people use to learn more about fun things to do around their location.  You can also check out helpful tips on something equally as important: what to avoid at all costs.  Have you seen people “checking in” at different locations on Facebook?  You already understand the concept.  Foursquare takes checking into a location to a whole different level.  Honesty time…I’ve been craving steak for a while; a seared, tender, melt in your mouth work of art.  If you have a similar craving, check out some of the best steakhouses in your area on Foursquare.  Some restaurants might be known for impeccable service while the next steakhouse down the road is known for rushing you in and out the door as though your business is not appreciated. That is one of the benefits of Foursquare.  You get to see tips from people who have actually been there.


Foursquare does not stop at check ins.  You can earn badges on their website, depending on how many times you check in.  If you check in the most at a certain location, you become the mayor of that location on Foursquare!  That could unlock some sensational opportunities for special packages and discounts.  And if you are going a a place that much, you will probably save some cash here and there from the discounts.


Companies are certainly benefiting from the use of Foursquare.  The more people who check in, the more popular their location becomes, which brings more business.  I will also voice a word of caution, though.  There are potential dangers in giving away your location to location-based services.  Be careful of who you want to know where you are.  If everyone using Foursquare knows where you are, there is pretty much nothing stopping them from meeting up with you at your location.  As the welcome video describes on Foursquare’s website, it could bring about a moment of serendipity, but it could also bring about danger.  Have fun with it, but keep safety in mind.  Good luck!

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TOW #6.

What did I learn?  You can’t always silence people who are speaking against your company and making complaints.  In some cases they may be more than complaints – they might be websites committed to giving your company a bad name.  There does need to be a platform for employees and customers to voice grievances so that it’s on the company’s terms rather than a disgruntled former customer.

Your blog must be from your own voice because no one can sound like you other than yourself.  People can quickly pick up if someone else is constantly writing for you.  Blogging is about having a conversation with people, about putting yourself out there.  If you have someone else blog for you the majority of the time, it won’t come across as genuine.

Employees want to be treated as peers, with respect.  If employees comment on one of your posts, you don’t necessarily have to respond to every comment.  Especially if there are many comments about the same issue, you can write a different post all together to address it.

Being comfortable with blogging will take time.  Building the relationship with your readers will also take time, but people may begin connecting and relating with your posts.  Map out a series of topics that you want to write about.  For your first blog, you should write about why you are blogging and the purpose you see behind it.  Structure your blog in a way that encourages comments rather than just dictates.

What surprised me?  Someone on the panel said that they had never been on Facebook.  How odd.  How is it possible that they have never been on Facebook and be apart of a panel talking about social media?  Knowing about Facebook is paramount in understanding your target market.

What do I want to know more about?  What kind of salary is available to someone who is a full time social media monitoring employee for a large company?

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My favorite Superbowl commercial wasn’t very hard to choose.  Sure, there were a few that competed with my choice, but the pug dog Doritos commercial won the cute factor for me.  Hungry?  Grab a bag and watch the commercial.  

Pug Dog Doritos Commercial

The ad targeted a lot of different people groups.  College students, grandparents, tweeners, etc. – this commercial has something for everyone.  What I look for in a commercial is good comedic timing.  When the dog is running toward the owner behind the glass windowed door, the dog’s running movements are shown in slow motion.  When this effect is added, the subtle movements of the face look so serious and dramatic that it’s insanely funny (to me at least).  And of course, the music is epic and pulse-pounding, which makes the tone of the commercial all the more “serious.” Also notice: the commercial doesn’t make fun of a any people group, or target anyone.  So, the result is something that isn’t offensive.  Of course, it seems like someone is getting offended by just about anything these days, but I think Doritos did a good job on this one.

On the flip side, one of the Doritos commercials circulating a lot online is the one when someone backs their car out in a grocery store parking lot and hits someone who is holding a bag of Doritos.  When the driver sees that the pedestrian is holding Doritos, they continue to run over the pedestrian so they can have the bag of chips.  I’m sorry, but who in the world would push to make that commercial?  Who thought of it?  And who gave the, “ok,” to make it?  We actually used the commercial as an example in Media Ethics class this week.  My Professor had some funny comments about it, but basically, who made the decision that making that commercial was a good idea?

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From missybalance.typepad.com

Blog Comment #1

Super Bowling” by Andrew Potter.  February 7, 2011.

The ads really are the best part of the Superbowl.  I see you mentioned that at your church parties, they tuned out the commercials and half-time show.  Do you remember if they did that before the Janet Jackson incident or after?  I’d be curious to know.  I remember when I was at the Superbowl party for my own church that year and when the Janet Jackson display occurred.  I don’t think they tuned out the half-time show the next year.

Blog Comment #2

Taco Bell’s PR nightmare” by Laurie Cobb. February 7, 2011

I admit I’m a devout Taco Bell fan. Their food is cheap, and it tastes awesome (to me at least). My friend and I have an ongoing joke about the fact that he likes “real Mexican food,” which he insists is nearly anything but Taco Bell. I of course argued a case in favor of Taco Bell. He recently posted on my Facebook page those same percentages about the beef they use. Believe it or not, it didn’t really phase me. I don’t really expect top of the line quality beef and ingredients when I’m only paying 89 cents for a burrito. On the other hand, if I go to Chipotle, I expect something healthier because I’m paying a higher price.

Blog Comment #3

Obama’s administration fraught with ‘distractions‘” by Laurie Cobb. February 7, 2011

Sad but true.  You’re right, he may have a hidden agenda.  I also wonder sometimes why politicians act the way they do.  What is their motivation?  Are they really acting in the best interest of the country?  Or are they doing what appears to be the right thing but for the wrong reasons?

Blog Comment #4

The Importance of Internships (Guest Blogger Michelle Paulino” by Gracey Somers.  February 7, 2011

I think networking may be the most attractive perk of interning to me.  I’ve begun my search.  It’s exciting, but the process still feels a bit vague.  Do you have any tips for how to go about searching for an internship?  Were there any particular websites you found the most helpful when you were looking?

Blog Comment #5

No Numbers Left” by Kyle Ashcraft.  February 7, 2011

I heard about this recently from one of my techie friends.  It’s hard to believe that there are really so many IP addresses already taken.  But nearly every business entity these days has a web presence.  I don’t see how most businesses could effectively provide their goods and services and advertise without a web presence.

Blog Comment #6

Networking is like dating: 6 ways to succeed in both arenas” by Samantha Hosenkamp.  April 23, 2011

This is such a helpful article! I know I don’t like it when someone immediately tries to discredit me in an attempt to make themselves look better during their ten minute verbal auto-biography. Your bit about listening was especially great. Maybe we have two ears and one mouth for a reason, right? You would think not getting drunk is a no-brainer, but I’ve found that some people don’t see it as the culprit it in fact is. Thank you for all of your feedback to our responses. It’s like getting another post!

Blog Comment #7

Does your attire matter in the PR business?”  by Arik Hanson.  April 23, 2011

I think it matters because of the outcome.  People will size you up by your appearance.  At first glance, that’s really all they have to go on about your personality and professional abilities.  It also serves as a sign of personal respect.  I find that the more confident a person is, the better dressed they are.

Blog Comment #8

The 20 top-performing brands online” by Michael Sebastian.  April 23, 2011

I love seeing Apple do so well.  I was a PC user for quite a long time until my laptop crashed in the middle of a semester off at college.  My Mac Book Pro has been great!  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a PC.  All of my friends with a Mac feel the same way.

Blog Comment #9

3 tips for landing a job in PR job in the Big Apple” by Meg Carroll.  April 23, 2011

Going to Alumni events is a great idea!  Something I’ve run into is trying not to seem too anxious or I guess desperate to meet and network with people at events.  Also, great point about being able to pitch yourself.  If you can’t do that, how can you show you can pitch something else?

Blog Comment #10

OMG, you guys: 14.5 percent of PR and marketing pros don’t use Twitter” by Kevin Allen.  April 23, 2011

Too many professionals “don’t give a tweet about twitter.”  Come on, guys.  If you are trying to remain relevant and in the loop, you must have a Twitter account.  It’s a necessity for a PR professional like a LinkedIn account is a necessity for a college graduate.  Kudos to those who are taking advantage of social media.

Blog Comment #11

Study: 29 percent of college grads with they had networked more” by Michael Sebastian.  April 23, 2011

College really is a great opportunity to network with a lot of people.  You are in an atmosphere that is supposed to help you prepare for your job market, whatever it may be.  Making yourself a valuable asset to a company is more likely if you already have great connections in your field.

Blog Comment #12

Viral video: How to persuade a child to walk” by Michael Sebastian.  April 23, 2011

I think the lesson I take from this video is that clients want great ideas to be their ideas.  If they think they came up with it, they may be more likely to go for it.  This video is really cute, though.  That little boy is a sassy piece of work.

Blog Comment #13

10 things PR pros do right” by Mickie Kennedy.  April 25, 2011

You developed a great list.  I am very impressed with people working in PR who show these attributes.  They work very hard to be good at what they do.  It’s a tough industry, but there are people who have found their niche.  Any PR professional who doesn’t understand Twitter needs to get on it, fast.

Blog Comment #14

Workshop alert: Persuade your senior leaders to embrace social media” by PR Daily Staff.  April 25, 2011

This is definitely a felt need for a lot of companies.  This workshop will be a great chance to learn how to present social media as an asset.  I admit it’s hard to believe that there are still so many business leaders who are strongly resistant to blogging or Twitter, but I think they will come around.

Blog Comment #15

Britney and some Marines.  I love it.” by Laurie Cobb

This is such a cute video!  Thanks for sharing it with us, Laurie.  It’s nice to know that our service men and women are able to have some kind of fun while they are over in harms way.  It just goes to show us that they are “real people” just like us.

Blog Comment #16

Lindsey Lohan’s Courtroom Drama” by Laurie Cobb.  April 25, 2011

I wonder what satisfaction she gets out of getting into so much trouble.  Why does she do it?  Aren’t there people in her life trying to help her make better decisions?  Someone other than a judge needs to step up and give this girl some advice.  Otherwise, I don’t see any of this ending well in the long run.

Blog Comment #17

yo quiero taco meat filling!” by Laurie Cobb.  April 23, 2011

A friend of mine posted this story on my Facebook wall shortly after the story went public.  I admit, I’m with the group of people who don’t care and eat it anyway.  Even after I had just heard the news, I think I went to Taco Bell only a few days later.  I am a loyal customer.

Blog Comment #18

American Popularity Contest…” by Laurie Cobb.  April 25, 2011

The last American Idol season I really followed was when Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee battled it out. That was a great season. I don’t really feel a desire to watch the show now. Like you, I also get discouraged when I see genuinely talented people get voted off while lesser vocalists stay on the show.

Blog Comment #19

Moore complaining…” by Laurie Cobb.  April 25, 2011

I like your sass, Laurie!  I respect a woman who can tactfully speak her mind.  But I agree with you.  Moore really isn’t doing anything constructive.  He needs to find something useful to do.  It’s time he actually contributed.  The money spent toward making his documentaries could have been used for much better things, much more noble things.

Blog Comment #20

Super Bowl Ads” by Stephen Ponce.  April 25, 2011

This commercial is adorable!  They were smart to use a child in this advertisement.  Mainly because many of the adults watching the commercial were re-living their childhoods while watching the child in the  commercial.  This is a very cute, well produced advertisement.  I hope they play off of this commercial in the future.

Blog Comment #21

UFC 126 Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort” by Stephen Ponce.  April 25, 2011

I love seeing examples of Christians in competitive atmospheres doing well.  Being a Christian doesn’t mean you are weak.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t strive to win.  If anything, it means that you have an advantage.  One of those advantages is perspective.  At the end of the day, as Christians, we are eternal victors.

Blog Comment #22

What is Foursquare??” by Stephen Ponce.  April 25, 2011

Foursquare is still pretty new to me.  I think its a very neat idea though.  I recently went to a professional tennis tournament.  They had a Foursquare contest.  Whoever “checked in” the most, or whatever it is that you do (I forget), got better seats in the stadium.  I think it is a neat form of advertising.  Contests increase exposure and make it fun.

Blog Comment #23

Connecting through Comments” by Stephen Ponce.  April 25, 2011

I like reading blogs with comments that add to the content covered in the post.  I think it’s really helpful to read the same information from a different person.  Then you can understand the material better because it’s not only repeated, but also delivered in a new way.  Keep the comments coming!

Blog Comment #24

SHOW ME THE FUNNY!” by Tara Schwartz.  April 25, 2011

Tara, maybe we should make a viral video.  What do you think?  Let’s go for it.  Although, there would be an allergy issue with cats. So lets go with puppies.  I vote we ask Reese Witherspoon to be our celebrity and then have Sandra Bullock monologue our intro.  Feel free to tweak it.

Blog Comment #25

Googoo for Gaga” by Tara Schwartz.  April 25, 2011

Good post, Tara!  I need an application that can help me integrate all of my social media websites together.  It’s hard to keep up with everything on separate websites.  Updating accounts from a single application will make things easier.  I wish I had known about this application a long time ago.  I am definitely going to check it out.

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From vcstar.com



This is one of my favorite Superbowl commercials from this year’s batch.  Click here for the link.  What was your favorite commercial from this year’s Superbowl?

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UFO! Maybe…


Tip to my fellow classmates:  your Facebook News Feed can be a great way to get inspired for PR Connections.  Friends are constantly posting links that they think are shocking or most interesting.  In this case, I found a UFO story.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Maybe it’s coming from my scattered fan loyalty to X-files, but this is pretty interesting.  Click here to go to the story on FoxNews.com.

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I think it is ethical.  I mean, our society is driven by a capitalistic system.  Advertisers are trying to meet us where we are in whatever way possible.  The more exposure they can cause, the more people they drive toward their product.  Also, you may discover a new product that you’re crazy about, but perhaps you wouldn’t know about it if it weren’t for an ad on the side of your Facebook profile.  The ads displayed on the side of your profile are tailored to your “likes,” interests, activities, and others because they’re listed under your information.  That way, you will probably see less products that hold absolutely no interest for you, hopefully.

One of my favorite sites for browsing clothes, shoes, and accessories is Mod Cloth.  And you know how I found it?  I found it by clicking on their advertisement ad on the side of my Facebook profile!  I have a lot more use for that site compared to the services I see offered on Christian Dating websites.  Some of those weird me out.


On the other hand, do I really want advertisers to know so much about me, even if I may find a product or two I like every few months?  I know some people who are nearly terrified of leaking any personal information on the internet.  I’m not talking about their social security number (that’s a given); I’m talking about their favorite colors, which movies they like, where they like to shop, etc.  Privacy is a hot commodity, but it’s becoming more scarce as companies are vying for your information so they can know how to market products to you in an attractive way.


I don’t really have a problem with the monitoring on the surface level.  Sure, the ads can get annoying and I click “x” on many advertisements (which changes the ads you see in the future on Facebook).  But I can’t deny the appeal of personalized advertising.  I like the idea of seeing products that professional marketers tailor to me specifically.

TOW week 3.

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