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Excel in Life? Why Not?

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January 18, 2011

Who Said You Can’t Study Abroad and Play Collegiate Tennis at the Same Time?

LAKELAND, Fla., November 3 — She wakes up before 7 a.m. on Mondays, ready for her morning workout at 7:15 a.m. with the tennis team.  Then it’s on to rush for a shower in time to make it to classes; classes built on a schedule of 18 credit hours.

Autumn Housefield is living the dream of many, and she’s grateful for the opportunities given to her.  She has traveled to many countries, including a study abroad trip to Israel, and yet, she still manages commitments to a collegiate tennis program and university studies.

She started traveling abroad to spread the Gospel at 14 years old.  She has traveled to Costa Rica, South Africa, Zimbabwe, West Africa, Scotland, Italy, China, Mexico and Israel.  “I think that it definitely shapes the way you look at life.  Every single trip I’ve taken I feel like changes my perspective on how I see people, how I see the world.  Just knowing that there are people around the world who live very differently gives me a lot of compassion for, I guess the injustice of the world.  It’s so hard to go into a place and realize they live on absolutely nothing but yet we have so much excess.  So, that does breaks my heart.  But honestly, just being able to go to a places like Israel and Africa; each place I feel like really shapes your worldview and the lens through which you see the world,” said Housefield.

Housefield comes across with wisdom and confidence that is rare for many 22-year-old women.  When she is asked about the stress level of her school courses and tennis commitments, she keeps a calm demeanor and remains grateful for the opportunity to attend a university with a Christian atmosphere.  “I originally wanted to go to Southeastern because they have great study abroad programs, so I was looking around but I really wanted to move back to Colorado Springs, Colo. because I had just done an internship there.  But I figured that after looking at Southeastern I could actually go somewhere there was a great Christian environment and they also had a lot of study abroad opportunities and also missions.  I wanted a missions minor.  And it would be the same price as going to a school out of state and it was like, crazy.  I decided that I was interested in it and then I really felt like God was calling me here so that’s really the reason.  I really wasn’t sure why but I was like, ‘I really don’t want to go to school in Florida,‘ because I really wanted to move but then I felt God wanted me to be here,” said Housefield.

She plans to work in Christian ministry after she graduates from Southeastern this Spring.  “I really feel like God is calling me to missions and I have a heart for teaching and education, so my ideal job would be working in some way to help children either out of poverty or to be able to have a better education and learn trades to help be able to support themselves.  Ideally, I would work with an organization in Colorado Springs, Colo. called Compassion International that really helps children find sponsors and get them out of poverty.  Everything they do is focused on doing what Jesus did and really living out the things that he taught and really caring about others more than yourself.  I love everything they stand for, but if I didn’t find myself working for them specifically, then I would just love to go somewhere overseas and teach.  I would love to go back to Africa, honestly.  And I think that being able to influence other people’s lives and really impact them for the Gospel is where my heart is and it’s about giving hope to kids and showing them that they are loved and that even if they have a bad home situation or they feel really hopeless and like they can’t get out of it, I want them to know that God loves them and that He has a plan for their future.  So if I can give them something like education, I feel like it really opens doors for them in the future to make something of themselves in a place where a lot of people don’t ever become anything,” stated Housefield.

Housefield is set on devoting her life to influencing change in this world through the Gospel and enjoying her life on the journey.  -END-
Autumn Housefield can be contacted by e-mail at arhousefield@seuniversity.edu.

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