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Good Tips For Kicks

When writing a feature story, it needs to captivate the reader and give useful information.  Personally, I know that I’m more likely to finish reading a story if the beginning captures my attention.  So, my first tip is to capture the attention of the reader in the beginning of a feature story.  Also, as stated in SSN Newsroom, include details that put the reader in the scene of the action.  If you can use details in an effective way to describe specific situations, the reader will be more invested and involved in developing their view of the story.  I found many great tips for writing feature stories on http://www.ehow.com on their How to Write a Feature Story post.  As written in the How to Write a Feature Story post, “Visualize the reaction of your reader, reflect if you can draw the attention of the reader by your presentation,” also, “Identify sources and collect all the relevant information.  If you can, take surveys.  You can request people to fill in questionnaires or take interviews, sift through them and retain whatever is necessary.  Five more tips for writing compelling feature stories from the How to Write a Feature Story post include, “Build the main body of the feature story comprehensively. Use the active voice as far as possible. It enlivens the plot or development of the story,” “Conclude with a powerful message.  Good wrap-up is a crucial aspect of any powerful feature story.  Otherwise, it will fail to make the desired impact,” “Give a human touch to the feature story as deemed fit to make it more interesting.  The plot should build up tension and not be boring,” “Follow a systematic path of presenting the feature story with an introduction, main body and the ending highlighting the purpose that you have already thought about.  Weave a proper and continual thread to keep the reader glued to your writing,” “Use striking illustrations and anecdotes relevant to the topic.”  A tip given from Tips for Writing Feature Articles says, “keep a brainstorming handbook handy.”  I think that’s a great idea, because in many different contexts, I find myself thinking up ideas with a lot of potential, but I forget them because I don’t write them down.   I hope the tips in this blog can help someone who is researching how to write a compelling feature story.


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